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Why would you book with our Personal Travel specialists? Planning a vacation is time-consuming and can be stressful, but with our knowledgeable staff, all you will need to plan is your wardrobe.

BEST VALUE- Personal Travel is here to get you the best value for your dollar. We provide our clients with the best travel value possible. Our travel specialists can provide you with accurate information about choices and special promotions you won't find on your own.

CHOICE- Our travel experts at Personal Travel give you a variety of travel options and quotes from a multitude of travel suppliers.

CONVENIENT ONE STOP SHOPPING-  Our expect staff here at Personal Travel can save you time and money because we handle every aspect of your trip from the air to lodging, transportation, and excursions to give you the best travel experience.

YOUR ADVOCATE - In the event that you have a problem with a particular part of your travel experience, your Personal Travel specialist can act on your behalf to resolve the issue.

24 HOUR HOTLINE- Unlike most travel agencies who are only open from 9am-5pm, Personal Travel makes it  more convient by being available for our travelers 24 hours a day. If you are in travel and need assistance you know you will have one of our expert agents to assist you.

EXPERT ADVICE- Our expert staff here at Personal Travel has been to most of the destinations we sell and can give you first hand knowledge of the places you want to travel to.

PERSONALIZED SERVICE- Here at Personal Travel we pride ourselves on the personal service we provide to each and every client. We truly care about your travel experience.

TIME -  Many people do not enjoy spending hours searching for the best values. Our staff has access to the best travel options in a matter of minutes.

UNBIASED INFORMATION - Our travel specialists work for you and are in your corner. We think outside the box and strive to give you what fits your criteria.